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    Game to Promote OU Computing Courses

    • Game to promote computing courses at the UK’s largest university
    • Features hand drawn illustrations and character design
    • Built using the Create JS suite of JavaScript libraries and tools for building rich, interactive experiences with HTML5


    The Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology at The Open University wanted an interactive to promote the computing courses that they have to offer. The brief was to create a fun and engaging game to provide an exciting introduction to algorithms and the use of heuristics for problem solving.


    We came up with the concept of an adventure game called The Jewels of Heuro. The game is set in the lost Temple of Algoritmo in the heart of the South American rainforest. Inside the temple lie the fabled Jewels of Heuro but they’re protected by zombies who have guarded the jewels for centuries. As a treasure hunter, players have to collect all jewels before the zombies catch them.


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    Heuro 1


    Our designers created a richly illustrated jungle adventure theme including a choice of male and female explorer characters. The explorers are guided through the temple with the aid of a smartphone app that helps them compute the shortest distance or best route to collect all of the jewels. Through this players are introduced to different sorts of computational problem solving.

    Heuro 2

    Character Design

    Initially called "Arizona & the Jewels of Heuro" and intended to parody an Indiana Jones style adventurer, the character design went through a number of iterations.

    Character Design
    Character Design 2


    No game would be complete without a little jeopardy and "The jewels of Heuro" is no exception. The premise see's our hero raiding an Aztec temple. Originally pursued by Aztec. Over time it was deemed preferable if the temple was populated by zombies who made suitably scary replacement pursuers.


    The game

    The result is a great adventure game that presented complex computational problem solving in a fun and easy to digest way. 

    The Game
    The game 2
    The Game 3
    The Game 4

    What we achieved

    A series of outstanding digital interactives

    A series of outstanding digital interactives

    Commissioned to sit on The Open University's OpenLearn platform

    Commissioned to sit on The Open University's OpenLearn platform

    The 4th interactive project we have produced for the Open University

    The 4th interactive project we have produced for the Open University

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