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    Time-Travel Mobile App for Heritage Estate

    • Tablet app that lets visitors experience Boughton’s gardens as they were 300 years ago
    • Proof of concept app used as a precursor to achieving further funding
    • Working in partnership with Boughton Heritage Trust and the University of Leicester


    “The designed landscape at Boughton has tantalised and perhaps irritated visitors over the years, so to use the recently discovered plans of the original vision and have them overlain on the current reality will be instructive, innovative and fun, we are pleased to be working with Enigma Interactive and The University of Leicester to achieve this."

    Gareth Fitzpatrick, MBE, Collections, Archives & Research Director, Buccleuch Living Heritage Trust.


    The team from Boughton House and the University of Leicester came across new historical evidence and had pieced together artefacts from across the country that revealed former glory of the house and gardens. They wanted visitors to be able to get a sense of the original glory of the 110 acre 18th Century site.


    We developed a working ‘proof-of-concept’ app to improve on-site visitor engagement and act as a platform to bring the recently discovered material and exciting on-going research to life.

    The team were really impressed with our work on the Thetford Priory app, so gave us unrestricted access to archive material as well as the house and gardens. Acting as a virtual tour guide the iPad app allows visitors to us GPS location tracking and aerial views of the gardens as they are today to track their journey round the impressive gardens.


    Just under the surface of Boughton Gardens is a beautiful and historic delight. Our team connected with how special this place was and set about bringing it's past treasures back to life.

    Boughton Gardens 1

    The app

    A ‘Time Slider’ navigation feature enables an overlay of the recently discovered plans of the original gardens drawn by Delahaye in 1712, to be blended with the present day views from different points around the site.

    This allows the users to walk through the gardens as they once were in 1712. Using GPS the app shows visitors where they are and highlights where the lost gardens once were in relation to today’s features. The guided tour can therefore be taken today, or in 1712, or both! The app also includes ‘View Points’, areas that highlight further hot-spots of interactive content, which utilise the ‘Time Slider’.

    The App
    the app 1
    the app 2

    This proof-of-concept is the first step in an extremely ambitious research and development programme which will run alongside the physical development of the gardens under the present Duke.

    the app 3
    the app 4
    Boughton Gardens

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