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    eLearning and Gamification for UK's Largest University

    • We work with the Open University on a range of different projects providing interactives and games
    • Whether hand illustrated or using interactive video our designers always produce exceptional digital experiences
    • Several projects have been link ups between the OU and the BBC TV

    What they Say

    "I'm impressed with Enigma Interactive. They took time to understand our idea and came up with a compelling solution. Our users love the interactive. Significant credit for that must lie with this talented agency."

    James Heywood. Producer, The Open University

    The Ambition

    As part of their link ups with the BBC TV series, The Open University wanted to create rich, interactive digital content with soft eLearning outcomes. They teamed up with us and haven’t looked back since.

    What we did

    We have been one of the Open Universities go to digital agencies since 2005, since then we’ve created games, and interactives for a variety of purposes including link ups with BBC TV series and projects to help them market their courses to wider audiences.

    Jewels of Heuro image

    Jewels of Heuro

    The most recent work we’ve done for the OU was an HTML5 game to promote their computing courses. Based around an introduction to algorithms and the use of heuristics, the game introduces novice coders to the traveling salesmen problem.



    Museum of the Dead

    As part of their link up with the BBC the Open University asked us to develop an engaging interactive as a companion to the Saving Species TV series. The result was the museum of the dead, a beautifully illustrated museum set in the future that presided over animals from the present which have become extinct.

    Museum of the Dead Showcase

    What's your verdict?

    The result of a link with the BBC’s Justice season of TV programming, what’s your verdict is a video based interactive that lets users follow a fictional case and make judgements based on the facts as they are presented.

    What's your verdict image

    Great Thinkers

    This game that went hand in hand with a BBC TV series exploring the connections between great thinkers. Different levels allow players to drag and drop to make connections between great thinkers and the other thinkers who influenced them.

    GT imagr

    What we achieved

    A series of outstanding digital interactives

    A series of outstanding digital interactives

    Linked with BBC TV Series

    Linked with BBC TV Series

    Played by thousands of people

    Played by thousands of people

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