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    WW1 Touchscreen Interactive for Museum Exhibition

    • Touchscreen interactive Built in HTML5 for use in a museum and gallery environment
    • Hand drawn designs and illustrations allows visitors to design, build and test their creations
    • Integrated into their MyLearning online platform


    “I just wanted say how delighted we are with the finished aviation interactive – We spent most of yesterday trying to build the most ridiculous contraptions known to man to check out all of the different animations, we LOVE it.”

    Daniel Martin, Assistant Curator of Industrial History, Leeds Museums and Galleries

    The Ambition

    Between 2014 – 2018 Leeds Museums and Galleries are delivering a special programme of exhibitions, events and outreach activities to mark the centenary of the First World War. Leeds Museums and Galleries commissioned Enigma to design and build an interactive that focused on the contribution of pioneering aviators from Leeds and the affect they had on The Great War.

    What we did

    We worked closely with the curators at the Leeds City museum to build an interactive designed to help visitors discover different types of First World War aircraft particularly those from the Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Company.

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    Our designers created a World War 1 look and feel using hand drawn illustrations with a sepia tone. Users can research different aircraft by reading more about each plane as well as viewing photos and blueprints. Visitors can choose to take on three top secret missions each of which requires that they design, build and test their own aircraft.


    Each mission has a ‘For your eyes only’ brief that outlines the specific features a plane needs to complete the mission successfully. The aircraft builder has a blueprint style and allows visitors to drag and drop elements including, fuselage, engines, wings and special equipment into place. After each build, visitors can test their creation and depending on the parts they’ve chosen an animation shows whether their plane passes or fails the mission.

    The project in action

    There are 256 different permutations of parts that can be achieved and each has an animation showing the consequences including sinking planes, wings falling off and loop the loops!

    The project in action

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