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  • We've Done it Again!

    We've finalised the figures for last year, where we look back at how Enigma’s eCommerce clients have performed.

    And, for a third year in a row, we’ve done it again…


    That's right, last year our major eCommerce clients saw an average increase in like for like sales of 41%. This means that our eCommerce work for our clients has yet again comfortably outperformed the UK average internet retail sales growth of 16%.

    How have we done it? Well, small details can have a really big impact and by adopting our proven holistic, results driven approach – which we refer to as Brilliant eCommerce – we can dramatically improve how a site performs.

    We utilise industry standard platforms (such as Magento) and for more ambitious eCommerce builds, or for projects that have specific requirements such as custom functionality, or complex systems integration requirements, we develop using our purpose designed, highly robust and scalable Brilliant eCommerce development platform.

    These figures are a testament to our approach and a continuation of a trend that has seen Enigma’s eCommerce clients outperform their competitors and the general eCommerce industry for the last few years.

    Steve Grainger, Managing Director of Enigma said:

    “It’s always fantastic to see the work we do for our clients proving itself against the competition and performing so well – to achieve over more than double the average UK sales growth despite such a competitive eCommerce environment is a tremendous result. These figures show that, executing an effective, well thought out digital strategy, will always yield a great return on investment.”

    If you would like to see how we could grow your sales using our Brilliant eCommerce approach, contact us to arrange a meeting.