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  • Sowing the Seeds of a New Relationship

    We are pleased to announce that we have started work with one of the UK’s leading suppliers of agricultural products to farmers, our newest client, Carr’s Billington Agriculture Ltd (CBAL).

    We have been in discussion with CBAL since the end of last year but are delighted to reveal that we are now working with them on an exciting new project. A key part of this new relationship will be working with the marketing team at CBAL to develop a new digital strategy that will drive the digital transformation of the business, creating a leading new suite of digital tools to match their status as leaders in their field.

    Of course before the serious work started we weren’t able to stop ourselves from indulging our inner geeks / childhood fantasies about being farmers and driving tractors, combine harvesters and other exciting machinery.

    It turns out modern farming really is just that, modern! CBAL have certainly built an impressive business, comprising four main divisions covering Feed, Machinery & Equipment, Agricultural & Rural Supplies, and Fuels. This means that CBAL is a one stop shop for pretty much anything you need to run a farm, or other rural business from cutting edge machinery, to livestock feed, to domestic heating oil.

    At Enigma we have a reputation for helping ambitious businesses to successfully navigate digital transformation and meet their objectives. We have a proven process that delivers results no matter what sector it’s applied to because it takes a strategic approach and provides a framework that focuses on business objectives and how to achieve them through the appropriate application of digital technology to deliver the best possible experience for the end user.

    We’re really excited to be working with Carr’s Billington Agriculture Ltd on their digital strategy and will bring you updates on future projects soon.