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  • A Corker of a Client

    We are delighted to welcome Vin-X, a specialist fine wine investment business as a new client.

    The business was established over 10 years ago when CEO Peter Shakeshaft took his experience of fine wine investment and the market’s positive performance and decided to take the plunge. This was at a time when investing in fine wines wasn’t widely considered as a serious option by many investors.

    Peter was right to recognise the opportunity because in the last 10 years wine investment has continued to outperform traditional investments and has become increasingly popular, moving from being a relatively niche investment to something much more mainstream. As a result the company has grown into a sought after specialist fine wine investment management service, helping clients to create rewarding portfolios. Company CEO Peter was a founder member of the Wine Investment Association, an industry response to growing public demand for higher professional standards in the promotion of fine wine as an investment asset class.

    As the market matures and grows, Vin-X want to ensure that they maintain their reputation as leaders in the industry and continue to offer their customers the best possible service. As a result they came to Enigma for advice on their digital strategy as well as the design and development of a brand new website. This was based on our reputation for working with market leaders across a wide variety of industries to help them achieve their objectives.

    We are working with the team at Vin-X to create a new digital experience as a key part of their vision of becoming the UK’s first choice and most trusted partner for fine wine investment. High on the list of priorities is a visually stunning site that is also fast, responsive and secure. With many customers being new to wine investment, education is key so there will be a focus on rich content that fully demonstrates why wine is such a good investment.

    For those who do invest there will be an private members area with exclusive content and the ability to review market performance through integration with Live-ex, the world's largest open-source database of wine information.

    We’re really excited to be working with this fascinating new client on what will undoubtedly be a fine new website, the ideal pairing for their fine wines.