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    Interactive Raising Awareness Around Extinction

    •    Virtual museum - complete with quirky curator and exhibits of animals past & present 
    •    Integrated Social Media tools and online voting
    •    Designed to complement BBC’s "Saving Species" series

    what they say

    "I’m impressed with Enigma Interactive. They made a huge contribution to the Museum of the Dead. They took time to understand our idea and came up with a compelling solution. Their design team conjured superb visuals for the piece. Similarly their use of sound was outstanding, receiving much positive feedback. Behind the scenes, their technical development was well planned and executed. Our users love the interactive. Significant credit for that must lie with this talented agency."

    James Heywood, Producer, The Open University

    The Ambition

    The Open University approached us when they wanted an interactive to complement their link up with the BBC’s “Saving Species” series.

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    What we did

    We designed and developed an interactive set in ‘The Museum of the Dead’ a macabre edifice set in a dystopian future where the last of the animal kingdom are preserved in their final state for posterity.

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    The OU were keen to make the project non-age-specific and as a result it was a huge success with a wide audience. Online voting and social media tools have been integrated to ensure that users can generate and share their experience.


    We used beautifully illustrated backdrops and animated characters as well as atmospheric sounds to bring the interactive museum to life. Fact, fiction, humour, and learning are all brought together in a way designed to provoke discussions on species loss, conservation and extinction amongst students.

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