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    Interactive Museum Quiz for Kids

    • Touchscreen interactive Built in HTML5 for use in a museum and gallery environment
    • Hand drawn designs and illustrations allows visitors to design, build and test their creations
    • Integrated into their MyLearning online platform


    As part of an exhibition looking into life in Victorian Britain at their Abbey House Museum, Leeds Museums and Galleries wanted to engage with younger children.


    We designed and built an interactive for an on-site touchscreen which is designed to engage children and young people by showing them what sort of job they might have had to do if they were born in the Victorian era.


    Our designers used a richly illustrated and animated approach in the style of a Victorian puppet theatre.


    Through a series of questions with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers such as do you like school, or do enjoy being outside the interactive determines what sort of job the child might have had to do during Victorian times.

    The project in action

    Horrible histories

    Some of the resultant jobs and descriptions have a distinctly Horrible Histories style to them with jobs ranging from Greengrocers apprentice to Gong scourer!


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