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    Mission-Critical Firefighter Application Development

    • Pioneering use of digital technology to enhance fire fighter safety
    • Bespoke tablet application which integrates with Dräger’s hardware
    • Intuitive user interface and international versions developed

    What they say

    “Dräger challenged us to help them deliver a fire safety system that surpassed anything else on the market. We did exactly that and I’m extremely proud of what we have together been able to deliver.”

    Steve Grainger, Managing Director, Enigma Interactive

    The Ambition

    Dräger, an international medical and fire safety technology company wanted to ensure their flagship Merlin firefighter safety system stayed ahead of the competition by linking the hardware components together with a custom software application.

    What we did

    We took the Drager’s firefighter safety system into the digital age and developed a custom software application which interfaces with Drager hardware.

    Given the life critical nature of the project we spent a lot of time with Drager Safety UK at their headquarters and out in the field with firefighters at real incidents to understand the Merlin personal safety system inside and out. 

    Once we had gained a deep understanding we worked on concept development, fast prototyping and user testing through a number of different iterations.

    What we did
    fire fighters

    The base Merlin system comprises breathing apparatus with a number of sensors which is linked via radio modems to a control board. We transformed the use of this data with the development of a custom application.

    The app can display real time incident telemetry data including air levels, system pressure, the time each fire fighter can safely remain in the building and so on.  This is presented via an intuitive touch screen interface on a ruggedized tablet device allowing incident commanders to get an at-a-glance overview or drill down to detailed information. The data can be shared amongst teams at big incidents, it can also be captured for post incident analysis and training exercises.

    As you would expect given its life critical nature, the application is extremely robust and has numerous fail-safe features. For example, it can dynamically recover from a hardware failure with a recovery function that automatically stores live application data and quickly restore it when needed.

    Ruggedised Tablet

    What we achieved

    Released in 26 countries around the world

    Released in 26 countries around the world

    used by 350+ fire departments

    used by 350+ fire departments

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