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    We’ve built market leading eCommerce systems for major national retail chains and companies with over 350,000 products to manage and distribute. Whatever your sector, newbie or a pro, we can help you succeed in the world of eCommerce.

    Working hand in hand with you, we’ll start with a strategic consultancy phase that will analyse your ambitions, processes, opportunities, barriers and customer profiles.

    We’ll then agree a design & build strategy to specifically address those needs and opportunities. These might be to drive sales growth, improve process efficiency, increase conversion rates, enhance customer retention or anything else that could provide that competitive edge.

    Small details can have a big impact, and by adopting this holistic, results driven approach – which we refer to as Brilliant eCommerce – we can dramatically improve how your site performs. Last year, for example, our eCommerce clients achieved an average 33% growth in sales compared to a national average of 9.4%. That's three times the national average.

    Depending on requirements, the site itself can be built using an industry standard platform such as Magento. Alternatively, for more ambitious eCommerce builds, or for projects that have specific requirements such as custom functionality, or complex systems integration, we can build it using the purpose designed, highly robust and scalable Brilliant eCommerce development platform.