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    eCommerce for Global Lifestyle Brand

    • Fully integrated multi-channel ecommerce for global lifestyle retail brand.
    • Magento Commerce based ecosystem with custom developments tailored to suit an iconic lifestyle brand.
    • Launch and management of Barbour's main sites across multiple markets as well as the launch of the first dedicated sites for Barbour International

    What They Say

    “Working on something as important as re-platforming our entire online presence was a huge undertaking. We wanted to work with an agency that would be as passionate and as invested in the project as we were. With the Ecommerce build experience we needed to move the online business forward. Enigma Interactive was an obvious choice.”

    Elaine Taylor, Global eCommerce and Digital Manager, Barbour

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    The Ambition

    A 5th generation family owned company founded in 1894 in South Shields in the North East of England, Barbour has always been at the forefront of innovation and design. From small beginnings providing oilskins to the mariners of South Shields, today Barbour is a global lifestyle brand sold in over 40 countries worldwide.

    Barbour has three brands, Barbour, the motorcycle inspired Barbour International and the new Barbour Beacon aimed at a younger target audience. The ambition was to create an ecommerce platform capable of telling the story of these three distinctive brands.

    What We Did

    After being selected as Barbour’s digital agency of choice we have become an extension of their marketing and digital teams to create an online presence for the company to be proud of.

    This encompasses the creation of three completely new ecommerce sites for Barbour, Barbour International and the new contemporary brand, Barbour Beacon. Barbour and Barbour International are sold in multiple global markets necessitating international variations for each of these sites.

    Barbour chose Magento Commerce as their preferred platform based on a combination of its position as one of the world's leading digital commerce platforms, its interoperability with existing systems and our experience of creating eCommerce sites with it. The result is a fully integrated, multi-channel eCommerce ecosystem that powers this iconic brand’s entire global digital business.

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    Barbour Website is the home of the main Barbour brand. It encapsulates everything that makes this brand what it is, from its heritage and history through the craftsmanship and material technologies in each product to the lifestyle of the brand itself. This is apparent throughout the presentation of the site from the rich content pages to the collections and each individual product.

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    Barbour International

    With a motorcycle heritage since 1936, Barbour International has a rich history and identity all of its own. As a strong stand alone brand it needed a site of its own and for the very first time, we developed a dedicated Barbour International website rather than it being a subsection of the main Barbour site.

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    Strategic Approach

    We are renowned for taking an in-depth strategic approach to every project whether it’s a website for a start-up or a complex programme of work involving the creation of custom sites, software applications and more.

    Clearly a company as well established and successful as Barbour has a strong strategic direction both as a business and in terms of what they want to achieve using digital marketing and online. However they still value the consultative input, insight and innovation that comes from engaging the expert external perspective of a digital agency like Enigma.

    From the early stages of our relationship we brought best practice from our experience with other ecommerce clients in a variety of sectors and augmented Barbour’s existing strategic direction.

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    Magento eCommerce

    Preselected by Barbour as the platform of choice to replace their existing ecommerce infrastructure, Magento Commerce provides an ideal foundation for projects of this nature.

    As the leading eCommerce platform Magento Commerce offers a combination of extensive out-of-the-box features, scope for extensive customisation and significant bespoke developments as well as unrivalled integration options.

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    International Multi-Site Management

    As an international brand with a presence in over 40 countries across the globe it was a significant consideration that any platform or approach would be able to deliver sites across multiple territories.

    The key is that no matter where in the world a customer is they can access a uniquely Barbour experience that is relevant to them. This includes a consistently excellent user experience covering differences in product lines, sizing and more.

    Custom Developments

    Given the importance of this eCommerce project, no matter how good the platform, there was always going to be a need for custom developments. As a specialist digital development agency with extensive experience of Magento we have created a range of custom extensions to the platform to enable us to deliver a uniquely Barbour online experience.

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