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  • Polished New eCommerce Site Launches

    Visit today and you’ll find a totally new website. We’ve been working with the Marketing and Digital team at Carlisle Brass for some time on this brand new eCommerce site and are super excited to see it launch.

    Working with clients that are dominant within their respective markets has become a bit of a theme for Enigma of late including Barbour and The Pen ShopCarlisle Brass are no different. They are the UK’s largest architectural ironmongry company, specialising in door and window furniture for residential and commercial properties. Basically, these guys provide a huge range of door handles, knobs and knockers, fixtures and fittings for all sorts of applications. In fact with the top 10 UK housing developers specifying Carlisle Brass products and thousands of other customers using them, you’re probably within touching distance of one of their products right now.

    The team at Carlisle Brass were managing with a legacy Magento 1 website that was beginning to show its age in a number of areas. One of these key areas was product list views, due to a complex pricing structure across multiple SKU’s the site was painfully slow right at the point when customers were about to make key buying decisions.


    Carlisle Brass chose us because of our experience of successfully adopting Magento 1 sites and properly sorting them out ahead of migration to the much more up to date Magento 2 platform. In situations such as this we often recommend running a strategic exercise in parallel to the Magento 1 site adoption. This means that not only are we working hard to make sure that we maximise the end of life of the existing site as well as mitigating and potential risk factors, we are also working towards a new strategic plan for a new platform and website.

    In some cases, following a digital strategy exercise, the best approach is to move from the existing platform to a new completely custom platform. For Carlisle Brass, it was important for them to remain with the Magento platform so well-trodden migration path between Magento 1 and 2.

    The new site provides a much more digital first experience for Carlisle Brass’s customers, the architectural ironmongery market can be seen as quite traditional but the reality is that despite that customers have come to expect to be able to access a full range of services from ecommerce sites. As such we spent time with Carlisle Brass and their chosen content marketing agency Silverbean developing user personas and mapping user journeys. The outcome is a much more intuitive site which is faster and more responsive than the old site while providing a richer customer experience.

    To find out more detail about what we have done to create an eCommerce platform and website that will drive future growth for Carlisle Brass visit our portfolio.

    If you run a business that wants to improve their eCommerce offering contact us.