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    • Effective customer experience allowing customers to self-serve increasing orders and decreasing admin overheads
    • Based on a purpose built web-to-print platform designed to provide a range of powerful features and fit exactly to Tradepads processes
    • Custom Integrations to allow seamless processing of jobs, increasing efficiency

    The Ambition

    Tradepads approached us to design and develop a web-to-print website based on our fully featured web-to-print platform. Their key aim was to allow their customers to find, spec and purchase high quality promotional products online. As well as a carefully crafted customer experience it was also important that the back end of the site provided process efficiencies to allow Tradepads to scale to meet demand.

    What We Did

    As specialists in the supply of ecommerce websites and development services to the print industry we used our fully featured web-to-print platform to deliver a website that allows customers to find and order what they need while Tradepads have a powerful set of tools and integrations to streamline their process.

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    Web-to-Print Platform

    One of the things that off the shelf ecommerce platforms can struggle with when it comes to web-to-print is the complexity of the product models. The high number of variables including things like paper size, type, weight, finishing and quantity breaks make for numerous combinations. We have developed a web-to-print platform that is capable of dealing with complex product sets and also has features that allow clients to control available variables and dynamically adjust pricing.

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    Custom Developments

    As well as providing a foundation set of features and tools based on our experience and industry best practice the platform can also be customised to suit clients specific needs. In this case Tradepads offer some very specific promotional products and have their own internal systems setup for processing orders. We seamlessly integrated with their existing setup, meaning that they didn’t have to bend their processes to fit the platform.

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