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    Digital Strategy and Online Pharmacy for Superdrug

    • Strategic consultancy and development of an online prescription service for one of UK’s biggest health and beauty retailers.
    • Allows Superdrug customers to create and manage accounts, order medication and have it delivered to their door.
    • Fully integrated with Superdrug’s internal systems, NHS Digital and the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).

    What They Say

    “The development of the Superdrug Online Pharmacy marks our intent and our focus on digital innovation as being a real driver of our plans for the future.”

    The Ambition

    Superdrug are one of the UK high streets most recognisable brands, they have a reputation for delivering some of the biggest brands in health and beauty as well as knowledgeable pharmacists and health clinics.

    Online the company has an extensive eCommerce presence but until they approached us they didn’t offer an online prescriptions service for their customers. We helped them quickly and efficiently add an easy to use prescriptions system. There is now a strategic roadmap of additional digital features which will continue to improve how customers order and manage their medications.

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    What We Did

    Working with the prescriptions and marketing teams at Superdrug we went through a process of evaluating their existing systems and their offline prescriptions process. As part of our digital strategy we identified the need to rapidly develop an MVP prescriptions system getting it to market as quickly as possible.

    Since then we have continued to work with Superdrug on a roadmap of developments to make continuous incremental improvements to the service.

    Phased Development

    Superdrug were in a situation where they were a major high street pharmacy chain but they had no online pharmacy presence – understandably they were keen to fast track the development of an online NHS prescriptions system. They did however recognise the need to take a strategic approach to ensure that once they had caught up with the competition that they stayed there.

    As a result as part of our strategic planning process we identified the must have features that would be required for an MVP or Minimum viable product launch. This would quickly be followed with further improvements to the service.

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    This project has involved multiple integrations including hooking into Superdrugs internal systems and processes as well as the NHS Electronic Prescriptions Service (EPS). Clearly for a service as important as prescriptions processing which includes sensitive personal information it is important that we are able to offer a safe and secure yet seamlessly integrated service.

    Strategic Roadmap

    For a client like Superdrug it’s important for us to work to a strategic roadmap of digital developments and be both responsive and proactive in our approach to developments. This means continually being aware of where improvements can be made and have a list of future developments which can easily be added when required.

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    Coming Soon

    We’re currently working on a number of new feature developments that will be rolled out soon as well as some projects that could potentially be more disruptive to the industry.

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