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  • Improve Performance by 20%

    We’ve been busy developing software for Okkulo, a brand new sports training system which uses light to improve the performance of athletes, improving reaction time by up to 20%.

    Imagine if you could slow down time – that’s exactly what Okkulo helps athletes do. In a custom built environment Okkulo uses special lighting conditions that take advantage of our biology and the way the eye works to delay our perception of movement. Training in these unique and challenging conditions requires a speeding up of response times which in turn translates to improved performance in real world conditions. It’s a bit like resistance training but for your eyes and brain – fascinating stuff right?!

    Okkulu’s technology has been independently scientifically tested and proven to improve reaction speed and enhance physical performance by as much as 23% with a 16% improvement in the velocity at which they could comfortably react.

    The technology is particularly beneficial for fast-paced ball sports like football, cricket, tennis, baseball and basketball but could be adapted to almost any sport requiring reactions to hi-speed objects.

    We are always excited when we get to work on ground breaking projects with ambitious clients, it fits into our own ambition to build brilliant and interesting digital stuff. Okkulo first approached us when Mel O’Connor the CEO had just started the business, he needed a developer he could trust with his unique idea.

    Working with Mel and his team we have developed a front end software application that links with Okkulo’s hardware to make the system a reality. The application allows users / trainers to design and create training sessions, the trainer can then control the session via a laptop in a control booth.

    This includes screens that show the progress of the training session including specific ball events, response times and a visualisation of success vs failure. Each training session is recorded for analysis and a dashboard provides visualisations that show performance and ultimately an Okkulo score.

    Mel, Okkulo CEO said “The OKKULO system is game-changing technology geared towards making unprecedented individual and collective gains in performance that translate into improved results and greater success."

    "Enigma have been a fantastic development partner. They’ve really helped us by creating a software application which looks great and is easy for trainers to use. It also helps our clients get the most out of our cutting edge technology by surfacing the insights within the data.” Mel, Okkulo CEO

    You can find out more about Okkulo on their website

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