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    Data Mapping Application for Major Utility

    • Map design and data visualisation for Wester Power Distribution.
    • Customer facing map showing capacity across their network of 220,000 km of cables, and 185,000 substations.
    • A key part of their response to the energy regulators Incentive on Connections Engagement (ICE).

    What They Say

    “Thanks to Enigma for their efforts in getting the new capacity map online. It has been a proper team effort and a pleasure to pull it all together.”

    James Bennett, Innovation & Low Carbon Networks Engineer, Western Power Distribution

    The Ambition

    When Western Power Distribution (WPD), the electricity distribution network operator (DNO) for the Midlands, South West and Wales needed a customer facing mapping application they came straight to us.

    Our experience of producing data / mapping applications for organisations in the utilities sector includes the Power cuts mapping application we built for Northern Powergrid (also a DNO) and the network supplier map we built for the Energy Networks Association.

    What We Did

    Western Power Distribution delivers electricity to over 7.8 million customers via a network of 220,000 Km of cables and 185,000 substations. Helping new customers connect to the network is one of the most critical services that they provide. It allows new businesses to open, new housing to be made available and generators to export electricity. Creating a network capacity map means WPD can provide their customers with visibility of the network and where it can accommodate the connection of large-scale developments to substations.

    What We Did

    Data Visualisation

    The mapping application we developed aggregates and visualises data taken from multiple streams including Western Power's Long Term Development Statement (LTDS), regularly updated quotation statistics and Generation Headroom calculations. The map also displays National Grid Transmission's (NGT) Statement of Works responses applicable to each site which may further restrict connection availability.

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    Network Capacity Map

    The Network Capacity Map is integrated into Western Power Distributions website and forms a crucial part of their connections engagement strategy. The strategy is a key part of their response to energy regulator OfGem’s Incentive on Connections Engagement (ICE), an initiative to drive electricity distribution network operators (DNOs) to understand and meet the needs of their larger customers.

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