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    Complex Utility Data Visualisation Application

    • Data visualisation application that shows Western Power Distribution’s Distribution Future Energy Scenarios outlining the range of credible futures for the growth of their distribution network
    • Processing over 2 million records onto a map based GUI with options to visualise growth of demand, storage and distributed generation, also low carbon technologies such as Electric Vehicles and Heat Pumps
    • Fully scalable application design and hosting architecture to support the needs of the project

    The Ambition

    Western Power Distribution (WPD) deliver electricity to 7.9 million people, their Distribution Future Energy Scenarios (DFES) show how they are aligning themselves with the National Grid Future Energy Scenarios. WPD wanted a way to visualise this important data, illustrating the credible future of their electricity network.

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    What We Did

    We designed and developed an application that pulls in multiple different data streams to visualise Distribution Future Energy Scenarios on a map of their service area. This information allows users to see how WPD will support the growth of demand from their customers using distributed generation as well as the effect low carbon technologies will have on their network.

    Map Based GUI

    The live and complex data behind this application runs to over 2 million records. To convey this effectively, we created a client-side mapping GUI that provides an easily understandable visualisation of the data across WPD’s licence area. This powerful interface is used by stakeholders who can query this dataset, view data on a map, filter to adjust and export data relevant to them.

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    Custom Developments

    To successfully map 2 million records we took the source data, rationalised it into a format the client-side application could consume and deliver this via a RESTful API. We architectured the database structure to hold data and performed pre-calculations on the data for speed of delivery.

    Using database functionality to pre-process data is an approach that provides separation between application and database applied using the standard MVC model. This approach to data manipulation and delivery means the database function calls are accessed as if they were an API providing layers of separation between client-side, backend and database.

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    Scalable Hosting Architecture

    The application is hosted on a private cloud across multiple Docker Containers which can be scaled on-demand making this a scalable, high availability backend solution.

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