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    Transformational Digital Partnership with Electricity Utility

    • Strategic digital partnership with Wester Power Distribution focusing on deliver best in class digital to their 7.8 million customers.
    • Wide ranging programme of digital transformation including customer facing websites, mobile apps and data mapping applications.
    • A highly robust and scalable approach to the design, development and hosting infrastructure of critical web and software applications.

    The Ambition

    When it comes to customer satisfaction ratings, Western Power Distribution are regularly top of the electricity distribution network operator (DNO) performance tables. While having excellent overall scores for customer satisfaction and other key measures, Western Power Distribution realised that they had room to make improvement when it came to their digital offering.

    Their ambition was to shift their digital customer service from being an acceptable mid-table offering to industry leading. Western Power Distribution approach us because we have decades of proven experience of successfully delivering digital transformation in the utilities industry, especially for electricity DNO’s.

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    What We Did

    Western Power Distribution delivers electricity to over 7.8 million customers via a network of 220,000 km of cables and 185,000 substations.

    As an agency with experience of largescale digital transformation in various sectors we are helping them use the power of digital technology to better serve their customers. By working as their strategic partner we are delivering an ambitious digital programme including the design and development of customer focused websites, mobile apps and custom software applications.

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    As a digital transformation specialist we have a proven process for analysing an organisations needs and objectives then applying the appropriate mix of technologies to achieve them.

    Our process always starts with us going to great lengths to fully understand who an organisation really are, what they are trying to achieve and advising on a how best to do that. In Western Power Distributions case this included visiting different teams spread across covering a large swathe of the UK and engaging with their stakeholders

    The strategy’s number one priority came directly from their customers who said that they were satisfied with the offline customer service they were receiving but they wanted to be able to interact with Western Power Distribution more online.

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    Like any new client, Western Power Distribution had a number of existing sites and systems that needed to be reviewed, adopted and migrated while the digital strategy work was being completed. We took on nine existing Kentico-based websites, subsites and portals to a new hosting environment.

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    Power Cuts

    As an electricity distribution network operator (DNO) for almost 8 million people, one of the most important digital services Wester Power Distribution needs offer its customers is fast and reliable information in the event of a power cut.

    To do this successfully requires a number of elements, a clear and easy to use customer website, a smooth user journey to power cut information and an intuitive UI that allows customers to understand the information they need as quickly as possible. The website needs to pull in live data feeds from multiple sources quickly and efficiently as well as having a highly robust and extremely scalable infrastructure.

    Western Power Distributions power cuts map now provides live information and is able to cope with huge spikes in traffic that result during major events like storms, scaling from 50 – 1000+ concurrent users without issue so that customers are never let down.

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    Another key area of focus for us has been the Wester Power Distributions connections service. As a DNO one of the important services they offer is the provision of new and modification of existing connections to their network.

    Given that Western Power Distribution cover South Wales, the South West, East and West Midlands and can offer connections for anything from one home to industrial sites and major housing developments, connections make up a significant part of our ongoing digital programme.

    Providing a wide range of stakeholders with easy access to information and developments like the Network Capacity Map are essential for any DNO wanting to deliver class leading customer service.

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    Web Content

    Another key area Western Power Distribution’s transformation programme was the need to improve their web content. Due to the technical and heavily regulated nature of their work they have to publish a lot of detailed information for a diverse range of stakeholders. This can lead to information overload with users finding it difficult to find the information that they need.

    As part of our work we have completed an extensive content review and analysis. The outputs from this have been applied to Wester Power Distributions information architecture to make key information available in an easily accessible and understandable manner as well as features like an intelligent site search.

    A prime example of this is their Business Plan, a 70 page document with a lot of detail that only some users need to access. We have created an online version that has designed to lift highlighted content to the front but also make it easy to drop down into the detail when needed.

    Carbon Tracer App

    Working in partnership with The Carbon Trust and Western Power Distribution we designed and developed a mobile app to allow customers see and understand where their energy comes from in a way that has never been possible before.

    The app, available for both Android and iOS, aims to give customers visibility of where their energy comes from at different times of day. The hope is that they will then choose to adjust their energy consumption habits to reduce the carbon emissions associated with energy generation.

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