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    Magento 2 eCommerce for Fair Trade Retailer

    • New eCommerce platform to support £multi-million sales across multiple customer channels.
    • Based on Magento 2 with extensive customisation and system integration requirements.
    • Delivered 25%+ improvement in conversion rate and 30%+ increase in £income/customer.

    What They Say

    “During an exciting time of change at Traidcraft, Enigma have been invaluable in helping us transform our digital presence. Their strategic direction and eCommerce expertise, along with a hardworking and proactive attitude from their team was exactly what we needed. I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

    Paul Oliver, Head of Digital Delivery, Traidcraft

    The Ambition

    Traidcraft is a UK-based fair trade organisation, their mission is to fight poverty through trade. Their eCommerce presence sells through an extensive mix of B2C and B2C channels and generates £multi-million of revenue per year.

    Their new site needed to showcase their product range in the best light possible, inspiring visitors to spend more time exploring the collection and encouraging more to buy. The back-office needed to seamlessly integrate with the existing ERP and fulfilment processes.

    What We Did

    Working with Tradecraft’s digital team we stepped through a number of requirements analysis, customer profiling and user journey exercises in order to establish the most effective digital strategy for them. This strategy then informed the design and development phase, which focussed on the ultimate goal of transforming Tradecraft’s digital channel into the most important part of the commercial arm of the organisation.

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    Digital Strategy

    To establish the best digital strategy for Traidcraft we started by looking at the business objectives, audiences, opportunities and barriers. This consultative phase involved thinking about the wider aims of the business, and how its online presence could support these. Several workshops were run involving key stakeholders from both inside and outside the organisation.

    The digital strategy that resulted from this provided a vision for what Traidcraft wanted to achieve and how this could be realised.

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    Persona Development

    Traidcraft has multiple target audiences – including various B2C and B2B channels - and one of the challenges of this project was finding a solution that would best serve each of these. Using qualitative and quantitate data we developed a series of personas based around each different segment to ensure that everyone working on the project has a unified idea of the needs profile of each target audience. These were then used to make sure that the overall user experience (UX) and customer journeys were tuned effectively.

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    Magento 2 eCommerce and Systems Integration

    Traidcraft wanted to use Magento 2 as the base eCommerce platform. This provides some excellent ‘out of the box’ eCommerce functionality and was a platform that the senior management team at Traidcraft were comfortable they could maintain in the long term.

    The biggest challenge with the project was integrating this with Traidcraft’s existing systems and processes, including highly complex ERP and fulfilment processes. The system design and software engineering was led by Enigma and required liaison and input from the Traidcraft team and their existing suppliers.

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    User-Centred Design

    As with all Enigma projects, a ‘Customer Centric’ design philosophy was adopted in order to create as site that would engage its audience and achieve the objective of encouraging visitors to buy. The finished site is fully responsive with mega menu style navigation and a fully optimised customer centric user journey from homepage to checkout and payment.

    With such a varied product range we have effectively created an online Traidcraft department store with all of the back office systems required to manage a broad and complex product catalogue, seasonal offers, discounts and promotions, customer order management, stock management integrations and CRM integrations.

    Multi-Site Management

    By adopting a strategic approach to the development, the initial site build looked beyond just the current requirements and has created a foundation that can be built upon further in future including the option of creating focused sub sites / microsites to further expand Tradecraft’s online presence, and multi-language / localised versions to enable Traidcraft to target overseas markets.

    Having completed this standalone build successfully, the site has now been handed back over to the Traidcraft team for ongoing management and updates.

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    This eCommerce site represents a significant milestone for Traidcraft in terms of providing a vastly improved customer experience that has given them the platform to match any national retailer online.

    All key metrics targeted by the project – including improving conversion rate, enhancing customer engagement and increasing £sales / customer have been achieved, resulting in an online presence where visitors are spending more time, looking at more products, are more likely to buy and are spending more.

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    What We Achieved

    Conversion rate up by 25%+

    Conversion rate up by 25%+

    Customer engagement up by 30-60%

    Customer engagement up by 30-60%

    £ Income/customer up by 30%+

    £ Income/customer up by 30%+

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