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    Compelling Dramatised Video Based Interactive

    • A social experiment where users are taken on a journey through a fictional case
    • Designed to provoke thought users are encouraged to make judgments based on facts as they are presented
    • Users choices are compare and contrasted with others at the end


    “I always enjoy working with Enigma Interactive. Their genuine enthusiasm and drive to design and create really helps to carry a project through from beginning to end. Even with a tight deadline, the team was able to produce a very substantial and slick interactive.

    Sarah Lawson, Web Producer at OpenLearn


    The OU wanted an interactive which would engage with the users, encourage learning and complement the BBC’s Justice Season. 


    We developed a dramatised, video-based interactive which provokes thought and captures user opinion throughout their journey. The interactive was purposefully designed to be a thought provoking social experiment and encourages users to make judgments as the story unfolds. User’s responses are logged and then compared to others who have participated.

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    An added twist was worked into the interactive but not revealed until the end of the 20 minute experience. Half of the users are shown a stronger prosecution throughout and the other half the same facts but with a stronger defence. When the social experiment is revealed a selection of the other video clips are shown to demonstrate how subjective justice can be.

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    A series of outstanding digital interactives

    A series of outstanding digital interactives

    Linked with BBC TV series

    Linked with BBC TV series

    Played by thousands of people

    Played by thousands of people

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