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    Revamped User Journey for Online Prescriptions

    • Significant user journey improvements across the NHS online prescription service for Superdrug, the UK’s biggest health and beauty retailer.
    • Areas of focus for our user experience upgrades were informed by data analytics, A/B testing, user feedback and best practice.
    • Improvements include optimised mobile views, a more helpful customer onboarding process, a streamlined checkout and more accurate tracking.

    What They Say

    “I have really enjoyed working with Enigma – Jade and the team work in a structured and methodical fashion and have tailored both the way they work and the development of the site to our needs. Everyone I’ve met has been friendly and welcoming which has created a positive and productive environment."

    Tim Morgan, Digital Pharmacy Services Manager, Superdrug

    The Ambition

    Following a brand refresh at we took the opportunity to update and improve the online prescriptions system we designed and delivered for Superdrug 18 months ago.

    Working with the online pharmacy team at Superdrug we combined the branding updates with a pre-planned piece of work from our overall digital strategy to update and improve the overall user experience.

    What We Did

    Using a number of quantitative and qualitative evaluation techniques to inform the required improvements to the online prescriptions service. These included reviewing analytics data, conducting A/B testing and gathering customer feedback.

    We designed a new user journey for customers which encompassed clearer initial signposting and on-boarding, a new registration process and new features within the user account area. More granular and accurate tracking of various processes across the site were included to help guide further improvements in future.

    As well as improving the customer experience the redesign brought the branding of the Online NHS Prescriptions System in line with Superdrug branding.

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    Rebrand and Redesign

    One of the key objectives of the redesign was to make the whole user journey feel like an extension of the recently refreshed site, including updated colour themes, typefaces, button styling, form styling etc. This re-enforces trust with customers that they are using an official Superdrug service.

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    Mobile Optimisation

    Special design consideration was given to the mobile views to improve the usability whilst keeping it in line with the desktop version. This is important as the majority of service users (73.5%) are registering or placing orders on mobile devices. Analytics data showed that 59.8% of customers are using phones, and 13.7% are using tablet devices.

    Mobile optimisations were made across the user journey from the initial service home page, through registration forms, order management options right the way through to the checkout processes.

    Mobile View Image

    Service Check

    One area of frustration that came back from customer feedback was that in general people hate registering before they know if they can use a service. We agree so we now provide customers with an initial service check before registration.

    This allows them to see if both their GP is connected to, and medications are available to be ordered using the online service. This avoids customer frustration of getting to the end of registration before realising their medication can’t be supplied to them.

    Service Check Image

    Customer Dashboard

    We created a brand new customer dashboard to help signpost users to the most common tasks as soon as they sign into their accounts. This included a simple tile based interface with iconography, clear titles, short descriptions and contrasting buttons.

    This has allowed users to check their order status more clearly, see notifications / messages more prominently and also provides options for future growth areas including up and coming services like ‘Medicine Use Review’.

    Dashboard Image
    Checkout Screen Image

    Streamlined Checkout

    Another area identified for improvement was the checkout process.

    Here we removed navigation elements not related to the checkout, keeping users focused on the process in hand. The ability to manage multiple addresses more easily was added, this is especially important for users such as carers managing prescriptions for multiple family members.

    A new order and collect service is being added soon so we also made provision for options for this service to be selected on checkout.


    Analytics are showing that dropout rates are down and conversion rates are up, customers are also making wider use of the service with features that were previously buried now being discovered and used by a wider audience.

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