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    Industry leading web-to-print eCommerce website

    • Digital transformation that has enabled Solopress to become a major player in the online print industry.
    • A strategic approach and a custom eCommerce website have enabled Solopress to increase turnover from £12 million to more than £20 million.
    • This impressive 65% increase has been achieved via online sales and transformed Solopress into one of the UK’s leading web-to-print businesses.

    What They Say

    "Working with Enigma on our digital strategy, eCommerce and systems integration has been transformative for our business."

    Shaun Slater, Chief Innovation Officer, Solopress

    The Ambition

    Solopress initially approached us with a brief to build an eCommerce website. When we asked them what they wanted to achieve and showed them what we’ve done for other clients they quickly realised that a website on its own doesn’t guarantee success. As a result the project brief moved on from ‘just’ building a website to creating a digital strategy and an ecommerce system that would help them achieve their objective of growing from being a £12m business to a £20m business in 3 years.

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    What We Did

    Using our expertise of eCommerce and the print industry we have worked with Solopress as integrated digital partners to drive digital transformation and achieve their ambitious growth goals.

    Beginning with a discovery and business analysis phase we built a digital strategy that has informed an ongoing programme of digital work which has seen them smash their growth targets.

    Digital Strategy

    The print industry is a highly competitive market, and many of Solopress’s competitors already had an established online presence and customer base. To help Solopress catch up, become a leading player in this sector, and gain significant market share, we had to build a digital strategy that played to their strengths and offered customers something better than the competition.

    To achieve this we embarked on a detailed needs analysis phase, running workshops and interviewing key stakeholders. We analysed what the businesses ambitions and objectives were, and defined what the measures of success should be. Using personas we also profiled their audiences and used our knowledge and experience of eCommerce and the print sector to identify ways in which Solopress could serve them better.

    The output was a digital strategy, based on business objectives that could be used to set up a strategic digital development framework focused on helping Solopress realise their ambitions.

    eCommerce Website

    The centrepiece of the digital strategy has been the design and development of the web-to-print eCommerce platform.

    Custom made to specifically meet their needs and the needs of their customers, the site has been a high performer since launch. Within the first few months conversion rates and sales increased rapidly and have been on a growth trajectory ever since.

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    Web To Print

    The introduction of end-to-end web-to-print capability was a key objective for Solopress. Their original process was complicated and often required human intervention at various stages. By streamlining and optimising their processes we were able to eliminate common causes of manual intervention required to complete an order.

    A pre-flight artwork checker highlights any issues to the customer and offers auto corrected options for them to review. Once approved, the optimised job is sent to the printing presses via custom developed software. This means that a high percentage of jobs can now be completed without any intervention.

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    Design Online

    Design online is feature that essentially does what it says on the tin and allows users to create their own artwork online via the website in their browser. Customers can start from scratch or, more commonly, choose a template that they can then edit with their own details.

    This is a great example of a custom developed feature that allows customers to self-serve, improving customer satisfaction and decreasing the potential admin burden for Solopress, a real win-win.

    Customer Centric Mindset

    The customer centric mindset we take can be seen in the major features mentioned above and in a myriad of other smaller developments such as dynamic pricing which automatically calculates prices based on the users chosen order size and print specification.

    As well as the development of new features we also work closely with Solopress on a mission to constantly improve overall customer engagement and conversion through iteration of the front end design and UX across the site.

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    Behind The Scenes

    Many of the web based systems that we have developed for Solopress have a usefulness that extends far beyond front facing customer applications. A great example of this is the ordering system which is used by both customers to the public website and the Solopress customer service team.

    Essentially the Solopress customer service team have a more extensive version of the customer order system which they use as their Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) system. This enables customer service representatives to easily amend, manage and add orders for customers that need support. It also streamlines their internal processes meaning that all print work goes down the same workflow and keeps all of their product maintenance in one place too.

    Investment in constant iterative improvement to the customer order system and the customer service MOTO system has led to increases in self-service rates and improved internal efficiency respectively.

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    Digital Partnership

    Solopress continue to reap the rewards of our long-term strategic partnership. Working together we constantly improve their digital presence, relating everything back to the overall strategy to ensure they fit in with the key objectives and provide an increase in customer satisfaction / return on investment.

    The use of a strategic approach has supported them as their product model has become more complex and ultimately facilitated their impressive growth.

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    What We Achieved

    65% increase in turnover

    65% increase in turnover

    Conversion rates doubled

    Conversion rates doubled

    Business now turns over more than £20 million every year

    Business now turns over more than £20 million every year

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