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    Hand Drawn Illustrations for National Charity

    • Hand drawn designs and illustrations
    • Animation is used to bring each story to life
    • Used by the Education team to promote the RSPCA’s key messages


    “We’re delighted with the results of this project, the illustration and animations really help our education and outreach team engage with their audience and spark off lively debate. As always Enigma have delivered professional results on time and on budget”

    David Allen, Head of Education , RSPCA


    The RSPCA’s education and outreach team wanted a way to help them engage with audiences in schools around three specific topics: pedigree dog breeding, animal testing and an introduction to their animal champions pack for young RSPCA supporters.


    We created a set of short animations for each topic which involved a creative session with the team at the RSPCA that led to detailed storyboarding. We came up with fully illustrated designs for the characters and the backgrounds and made use of audio to give each animation a feel of its own.

    Pedigree or Mongrel

    The first animation introduces the debate surrounding whether people should have pedigree dogs or mongrels. Opinions from both sides of the argument are put forward and are designed to help the education outreach team start a lively conversation on the topic.


    The value of life

    The second animation is also the precursor to a debate; in this case the topic is animal testing. Putting forward arguments on both sides of the debate, it is developed to get students thinking about the issues.


    RSPCA Animal Champion

    The final animation is designed to be a brief introduction to the RSPCA’s new Animal Champion scheme. With playful graphics, text and background music the animation introduces what kids and parents can expect to receive if they sign up. Included is a pack full of goodies, fundraising ideas and competitions to win awards and prizes.


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