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    Interactive Christmas eCard Maker

    • Photo upload and adjustment functions
    • Two animated templates to choose from
    • Add personalised messages and share via email and social media


    For their 2014 Christmas campaign the charity asked us to build a Christmas ecard maker that allowed users to upload pictures of their pets and make them the star of a Christmas eCard.


    RSPCA supporters had the choice of two templates, one which turns their pet into Santa and the other which puts them in a Christmas tree playing mischievously with the baubles.


    Project design

    The concept was explored and meticulously planned through a functional specification and wireframe designs which outlined the whole process of designing your RSPCA christmas card.

    RSPCA 1

    After uploading their favourite pet pic users can adjust the size and rotation if necessary and add their own personalised message.

    A preview function allows users to see the finished product complete with full animation and catchy festive music. When they’re happy they can then share with friends and family via email, a link or social media options including Facebook and Twitter.

    We also included options for supporters to sign up to the RSPCA newsletter as well as making sure that the interactive and it’s finished animations worked on mobile devices.

    How it works

    Character animations

    The new animations are hand drawn and illustrated by our in-house designers and are used by the outreach team to spread the word about RSPCA campaigns in schools and local communities across the country.

    RSPCA 2
    RSPCA 3


    In the weeks before Christmas over 5,000 people created cards and engaged with the charity, sharing their creations via email and on social media.

    RSPCA 4

    What we achieved

    Over 5000 pets were turned into eCards

    Over 5000 pets were turned into eCards

    A key part of the RSPCA's national Christmas campaign

    A key part of the RSPCA's national Christmas campaign

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