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    Interactive Website for World Famous Dictionary

    • Richly detailed parallax scroll style site created for the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).
    • Tells the story how a word is chosen and included in this world famous dictionary.
    • Stunning design and engaging interactive elements bring the story of the word OMG to life.

    What They Say

    “It’s been a pleasure to work with Enigma. They worked hard to try and visualise, and bring to life, a concept that existed nowhere but in our heads. No easy task! I have no hesitation in recommending Enigma to anyone who wants to conceive a way-above-average creative campaign”.

    Daniel Braddock, Content Marketing Manager at The Oxford English Dictionary

    The Ambition

    The marketing team at The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) commissioned us to help them tell the story of how a word comes to be included in their world famous dictionary. The OED is seen as the authority on the English language and has a rigorous but equally fascinating process that leads to new words being added to the 600,000 that are already in the dictionary.

    The team challenged us to create an exciting and interactive experience to help them publicise how the process happens and the importance that the dictionary has to the English language.

    OED Image

    What We Did

    We created a richly designed web page with interactive elements that takes users on the fascinating journey of how words are added to the OED with specific reference to the story of the word OMG. With a look and feel all of its own the interactive brings the story to life adding colour and interest to the process which is at the heart of the recording of the English language.

    OED Website Image


    To understand the process behind how a word makes its way into the dictionary, our team visited the OED head office and spent time with the dictionary’s editors find out more about this fascinating organisation and how it works.

    From there we created a storyboard for how best to explain the process which has a number of crucial stages. This involved sketching out lo-fi designs and ideas for presenting the information.


    Design Approach

    After understanding the process and the thread of the storyline being created, our designers came up with a number of different design concepts.

    To help express the historic themes in the interactive our illustrator developed a collage approach using vector masks and paint textures. Neither flat or freehand, the illustrations kept a digital sophistication whilst introducing the flamboyance of random paint textures.

    Design Approach
    Reading Programmes Image


    To achieve the vision for this project we created a progressive web application based on Angular 7 written on Typescript and sass. We created a custom timeline animation system to allow us to create a specific loading mechanic for the images and animations.

    We also optimised the original images, minifying them by up to 75% so that the site loads quickly from a user experience perspective without degrading any of the visual impact.

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