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    Developing Software to Train Elite Athletes

    • Custom software development to make OKKULO’s ground breaking sports training system for athletes a reality
    • Development of a .Net windows application linking to OKKULO’s specific hardware
    • User Interface design to make the system intuitive and easy to use for operators

    What They Say

    “Enigma have been a fantastic development partner. They’ve really helped us by creating a software application which looks great and is easy for trainers to use. It also helps our clients get the most out of our cutting edge technology by surfacing the insights within the data.”

    Mel, CEO, OKKULO

    The Ambition

    OKKULO approached us as an ambitious start-up with a big idea to create a sports training system to revolutionise the training of athletes by improving their reaction times by up to 20%. The team needed a development partner to help them develop software for the system.

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    What We Did

    OKKULO chose Enigma because of our reputation of working on custom software projects that deliver results. As a specialist digital development agency we focus on working with clients to deliver the best mix of technologies to meet their objectives. We love working with ambitious businesses of all sizes but we get particularly excited when a client comes to us to do something that has never been done before.

    The front end application we developed for OKKULO is the user interface with a hugely innovative training system that pioneers the innovative use of specialised light waves to improve reaction times leading to enhanced performance and a tangible, significant competitive advantage.

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    The OKKULO Diference

    The OKKULO system is game-changing technology geared towards making unprecedented individual and collective gains in performance that translate into improved results and greater success. To do this OKKULO use a custom built environment with special lighting parameters that take advantage of our biology and the way our eyes perceive movement. Training in this unique challenging environment requires an athlete to speed up their response times translating to improved performance in the real world. Essentially it’s resistance training for your eyes and visual cortex.

    The Application

    OkKULO’s scientifically proven technology works best for fast-paced ball sports like football, cricket, baseball, basketball and racket sports. As a result they work with some of the most famous sports clubs in the world.

    OKKULO needed a front end application that looked as good as their results and performed as well as the athletes that they train. We created a slick UI so that OKKULO operators can focus on training rather than wrestling with software.
    Th application allows trainers to create custom training sessions and plans for the athletes that they work with. They control the system via a laptop in a control booth while monitoring the athlete in OKKULO’s unique environment.

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    Each training session and it’s data is recorded including specific ball events, response times, success vs failure and other metrics. These are displayed via dashboards which provide visualisations that can be used post training session for in -depth analysis of performance which can then inform future sessions.

    The Results

    Mel the OKKULO CEO said “The OKKULO system is game-changing technology geared towards making unprecedented individual and collective gains in performance that translate into improved results and greater success."

    The technology has been independently scientifically tested and proven to improve reaction speed and enhance physical performance by as much as 23% with a 16% improvement in the velocity at which athletes could comfortably react.

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