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    Magento eCommerce

    • Using Magento, the world’s most popular ecommerce platform, we create class leading websites for ambitious clients.
    • Magento is a powerful platform that is fully featured as well as flexible, extendible and easily integrated.
    • Whether you want to increase sales, improve customer service or create a truly omnichannel business we can help.


    eCommerce is one of the fastest moving and most dynamic areas of web design and development.

    Today’s innovation is tomorrows old news - customers demand the best and as a result our clients do too which is why we take an uncompromising approach to our work. Whatever your sector, B2C or B2B, start up or multi-national, we can help you outperform the competition using Magento.

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    Why Choose Magento eCommerce

    Magento is one of the platforms we use to help clients achieve their eCommerce objectives. It is the world’s most popular eCommerce platform because it provides:

    • An open-source platform specifically designed for selling online
    • An extensive and powerful feature set ‘out-of-the-box’
    • The flexibility to add features using extensions
    • Easy integrations with existing business systems
    • The option to add custom developed functionality
    • A fully supported, scalable system designed to grow with you

    We have experience working with both the Open Source and Commerce editions of Magento (previously known as Community and Enterprise editions respectively)

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    Our Approach

    Our expert team have delivered hundreds of successful eCommerce sites for a wide range of businesses with equally diverse needs. No businesses ambition is the same as the next which is why we take a consultative, strategic approach to our work that delivers effectiveness and ultimately results.

    The process is simple: Discover, define, design and develop, deliver. Repeat.

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    If you have an existing site but want to move to Magento we can help you by making the migration process as smooth as possible.

    Whether it’s migrating from another eCommerce platform to Magento or upgrading to Magento 2 we have a proven process to helped client’s effortlessly transfer between platforms.

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    Nearly all of our clients have at least some pre-existing software systems such as POS, IMS, ERP or CRM.

    As a specialist development agency working with the world’s most popular eCommerce platform we can integrate using an existing extension or, if there isn’t an available integration path, we can write a custom web service.

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    Partner Ecosystem

    Our clients choose us because of our ability to deliver class leading eCommerce websites and platforms. As well as using Magento's powerful out of the box features we work with an ecosystem of partners that offer the following:

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    Upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2

    Anyone that already has a Magento site will know that Magento 1 has been given an end of life date of June 2020. Beyond this date it will still be supported but won’t be developed further with all new development focus being directed to Magento 2.

    Magento 2 is essentially a completely new platform, this has a wide range of benefits but the downside is that upgrading from 1 to 2 means essentially rebuilding your site. Luckily there is a well-documented path to do the bulk of the heavy lifting.

    If you don’t know what version of Magento you have, you can find out using

    We are currently working with a number of clients to help them with the transition form Magento 1 to Magento 2. This typically involves taking on their existing Magento 1 site, reviewing it creating a migration plan and developing a Magento 2 site alongside ready for a seamless switch over. Once the new site is created then the audited content can be brought over along with customer accounts etc.

    As with any new system we can provide you with support and your staff with training in how to make the most out of Magento 2.

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    Why Choose Us?

    We are eCommerce specialists and have been developing class leading websites for over two decades.

    Working with anyone from start-ups to multi-million pound international retailers we take our clients ambition, combine it with our knowledge and skills and the Magento platform to deliver a significant return on investment.

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