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    “The realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle.”
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    What is Digital Transformation?

    Digital transformation is about making a step change in the way your business operates by leveraging the power of digital to take advantage of opportunities such as increasing sales, improving customer service, driving efficiency and boosting profits.

    We have developed and led digital transformation strategies for our clients for over 20 years. Whatever your sector, start up or multi-national we can help you set and achieve your goals.

    Our Approach

    Our expert team have taken hundreds of businesses through our proven digital transformation process achieving impressive results for clients in competitive sectors.

    No digital transformation process is the same which is why we take a consultative, results driven approach that focuses on delivering effectiveness and a high ROI. The process: Discover, define, design and develop, deliver. Repeat.

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    Our discovery phase is all about understanding your universe. The best results come from being as inquisitive and open minded as possible, delving into all areas of your business to discover where the use of digital can have the biggest impact.

    As part of this process we use a mixture of appropriate methods such as business needs analysis, SWOT and competitor analysis. We also look at existing business systems and processes, mapping them out to understand system architecture. We will also perform a customer needs analysis via user profiling, mapping user journeys and user testing.

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    The discovery phase informs and helps us define the transformation strategy. The strategy provides the structure which all project work streams will be run from and referred back to.

    Working to a jointly agreed strategy is key to engaging with stakeholders and responding to their requirements. It is a proactive rather than reactive approach and is a live link between us as an agency, you as the client and the targets we want to achieve together.

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    Project Management

    We take an agile and responsive approach to project management. Every project we undertake is led by an experienced Producer (digital project manager). They manage a skilled multi-disciplinary team who are well used to applying our proven process and the latest digital development techniques.

    Your producer will proactively manage project work using a mix of data driven insights, experience and gut instinct. They drive the design and development of project work and constantly review performance against strategic objectives.

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    Creative Design

    Our creative design team are responsible for translating everything into a cohesive design direction. Using existing elements such as branding and key messaging from the client they mix in a fine eye for detail and UX best practice to create stunning visuals that will deliver against the objectives and user requirements from the strategy. These will be output via concept development, rapid wire framing and prototyping, hi-fidelity responsive designs and iterative user acceptance testing.

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    Digital Development

    Our development team are an integral part of any digital transformation, advising on creative technical solutions to deliver against the strategic objectives. Elegant and efficient use of appropriate technologies is essential to delivering the best outcomes.

    As a specialist development agency we are platform agnostic and can work with any major platform or programming languages. This means we can advise on the most appropriate solutions for you the client. We are regularly approached to develop custom software where a client wants to achieve something that has never been done before.

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    Digital transformation will involve many different functions within your organisation, as a result an integrated approach is essential. Having worked on a wide range of largescale transformations we have come across a myriad of different systems.

    Reviewing existing systems architecture and making sure it is integrated as effectively as possible is one of the areas where digital transformation can have the biggest impact.

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    Ongoing Strategic Roadmap

    As with any transformation, a digital transformation will be a major step change for your business. As with any step change it is important to see it as the beginning of an ongoing process. A continued strategic approach should be applied to deliver the best results moving forward.

    Following a digital transformation we always recommend working with us on a partnership basis, using a long-term development roadmap to maintain momentum. This essentially involves regular repetitions of our process: Discover, define, design and develop, deliver. Repeat.

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    Why Choose Us?

    As a specialist digital agency we have experience of managing largescale digital transformation projects. We take a partnership approach – focused on organisational objectives and strategy.

    We have a proven track record of delivering highly effective digital growth strategies and are independently rated by our clients as one of the top 5 digital agency’s in the UK.

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