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    Vessel Motion Monitoring App (VMMA)

    • Commissioned by The Carbon Trust this mobile app uses smartphone sensors to measure the motion and performance of vessels. A Vessel Motion Monitoring App (VMMA)
    • Designed for use in the offshore industry to improve crew safety and comfort when transiting to and transferring to offshore windfarms.
    • Smooth migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 with a brand new design and an ongoing roadmap of strategic developments.

    What They Say

    “Enigma have developed a high-quality app from a complex set of requirements. They have been proactive in the development phase and we are looking forward to rolling out the app.”

    Dan Kyle Spearman, Manager Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) Programme, Carbon Trust

    The Ambition

    The Carbon Trust’s Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) program looks to reduce the costs of offshore wind and develop industry best practice. As part of this programme, the Carbon Trust identified that the sensors in modern smartphones could potentially be used to help them monitor and measure the motion performance of crew transfer vessels.

    This is important in two key areas transiting and transferring crew via a small vessel to offshore wind turbine. The theory is that using mobile devices to monitor motion would be much more cost effective for small vessels than installing expensive vessel motion monitoring systems (VMMS) and would therefore mean that everyone could have access to VMMS type data.

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    What We Did

    We created a mobile app that is able to take raw data from a smartphones sensors and understand the motion of a vessel. This includes data from the devices accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and GPS antenna. The data from these sensors is the processed and presented in a way that is useful for vessel operators including skippers and engineers.

    As this replicates full scale Vessel Motion Monitoring Systems (VMMS) on larger vessels the industry is calling this new development a vessel Motion Monitoring App (VMMA).

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    Initial Research and Development

    As with any project of this nature, where we are asked to do something that has never been done before, we always make sure to do some R&D up front. In this case as soon as we were approached by The Carbon Trust we tested out the initial theory by creating a prototype to test sensor frequency and accuracy.

    Yaw Pitch Roll Image

    Yaw Pitch Roll Image
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    Mobile App Development

    Given the project's requirement to produce mobile apps for both iOS and Android but without the budget to create totally native apps we used the Ionic App Development Framework. As this framework has matured more and more features have opened up and there have been no limitations directly accessing telemetry data from device sensors.

    For this project the main target platform is Android because it is more open than iOS and research shows that devices are cheaper and in many cases the quality and frequency of the data coming from the device sensors Is more accurate than iOS devices. None the less we did not want to preclude a significant proportion of mobile device users from being able to use the app, hence the iOS version too.

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    Processing Data

    Working with a The Carbon Trust and Marine Specialists Seaspeed we used a variety of calculations and algorithms to process data from the mobile devices sensors and turn it into useful information for vessel operators. This using some data and combining others using the six degrees of freedom of vessel motion, pitch, heave, roll, surge, sway, and yaw. The accelerations on each of these allows us to understand vessel performance.

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    Data Visualisation

    The processed data is visualised in a number of different ways throughout the app, predominantly this is in time series graphs but it is also plotted onto maps. Live data can be monitored as it is being created but previous performance can also be viewed using longer view graphs. All data is saved to the device and there is also an option to upload it to a web based portal for further processing and visualisation options.

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    The Results

    The ultimate aim of this project is to allow The Carbon Trust, and Offshore Wind Developers to monitor the performance of their vessels using a very specific industry standard measurement called a P-Plot. The P-Pot was developed by Seaspeed Marine Consultants and is a specific performance plot measured over a set timeframe to set parameters. This functionality, wrapped up in a sophisticated mobile app is something that we have successfully delivered to The Carbon Trust. This has also created a new tool for the industry a Vessel Motion Monitoring App (VMMA).

    There is also a cloud based web portal that receives all of the telemetry data that is saved to mobile devices and submitted to the portal. These results can be further visualised via dashboards using a number of different graph types.

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