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    Digital Content and Game for Childrens TV

    • Digital content and games development for the BBC's CBeebies
    • Built using HTML5 to ensure support across platforms and devices
    • Illustration and animation of characters and their worlds

    The Ambition

    As one of the world’s biggest and most admired broadcasting organisations the BBC prides itself on being at the forefront of programming including digital content. The BBC approached us to produce some cutting-edge interactive content for a new children's TV programme.

    What we did

    We were invited by the BBC to develop digital content including games to support a brand new children’s programme concept. The programme idea hasn't been launched yet and is a closely guarded secret so, even though we’d love to, we aren’t allowed to tell you much about this project. What we can tell you is that it is a fun and immersive interactive experience built using HTML5 so that it is compatible on mobile devices.


    Primary Geography

    The BBC also commissioned us to develop digital concept designs for a programme for children's learning based around the journey of a raindrop.

    The programme idea saw different characters taking on different missions and exploring how water shapes the geography of the land it flows through.

    Primary Geography


    We started the project with an initial design and storyboarding process


    Character design

    Our talented designers created a range of illustrated and animated characters for young people to engage with as part of the experience. Each had a specific area of interest for their research into the effects of rainwater on geography.

    We also created a futuristic research vehicle that the group use as a base for their investigations and experiments.

    Character design

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