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    • Fully responsive brochure and information site
    • Optimised customer experience with simple navigation and engaging content presentation
    • Interactive feed finder to help customers find the right feed for their needs

    What They Say

    "Big thanks to the Enigma team – we always get great feedback on the site and the Feed Finder has really taken off”

    Roz Howling, Digital Marketing Manager, Baileys Horse Feeds

    The Ambition

    Established in 1982 Baileys Horse Feeds are a family owned and run business that creates and manufactures high quality horse feeds for a horses whether they are for show, racing or breeding. As one of the most respected brands in their field they wanted a website that lived up to their reputation. They came to us to design and develop a website to act as a home for the extensive product range and to act as a go-to resource for advice on horse health and nutrition.

    What We Did

    Working with the marketing team at Baileys our team designed and developed a website incorporating Baileys existing and well established brand. As a well-known brand it was important to retain familiar elements to the user experience whilst also updating it to reflect modern best practice. The overall look and feel represents a significant step forward from the old Baileys website

    What We Did

    Responsive Design

    The new site is full responsive, seamlessly adjusting to fit the content onto the screen of any device that visitors might be using. The new design features a simplified main navigation menu that then uses drop downs to provide further options. There is also a much greater emphasis on the use of large images to demonstrate Baileys offering whether horse health, pack shots or pictures of the actual feeds.

    Responsive Design Image

    Feed Finder

    With over 35 different product offerings covering everything from general feeds to performance blends and supplements for thoroughbred racehorses we developed a custom built interactive feed finder to help customers choose the best products for them.

    Step by step customers are walked through the process of finding the right feed for their animal looking at important variables like age, body condition, temperament, workload and clinical conditions. With just a few clicks customers are given a completely tailored recommendation for their horses feed needs with whether it’s for a specific feed, supplement or both. This then links directly to the relevant products and can even calculate a feed quantity estimate too.

    Whilst to the user the process is simple there is a complicated logic behind the process which is based on Baileys expert knowledge, for example there are checks for impossible combinations, as well as ‘unlikely’ ones (such as underweight horse and a wanting horse to lose weight). In situations like these the system provides in-line advisory messages and links to more detailed advice.

    Feed Finder Pack Shots

    Expert Advice and Resources

    As well as the feed finder, it was important for us to provide an accessible and easily searchable, digital home for Baileys wealth of expert advice on horse nutrition. With over four decades of experience in the industry Baileys have generated a wealth of information that is regularly used by horse breeders, racers and general riders alike. The new site provides sections for each specialism and cross-references to similar sections and related products. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there are plenty of calls to action that provide easy access to Baileys team of nutritionists.

    Expert Advice and Resources

    Content Management

    With so much rich content to manage, and important part of this project was to provide the Baileys marketing team with an effective and easy to use content management system. Using a custom version of our own content management platform we built a CMS that puts the marketing team at Baileys in total control of their online presence. Even though the team had very little experience of using CMSs they quickly got the hang of our intuitive content management platform and asset manager.

    The CMS also allows the digital marketing team at Baileys to update the feed finder questions, answers and logic. This means that they can add new combinations of questions, answers, recommendations, and advisory messages as their range grows and advice becomes more sophisticated. There’s a test tool that allows them to review their changes and ensure that the right advice is given before anything goes live on the site.

    Stockist Finder

    With hundreds of stockists all over the UK and across the world in a further 18+ countries we included a stockist finder to help Baileys customers find their nearest stockist wherever they are.

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