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  • Core Technology Platform

    Core Technology Platform

    Our Core Technology Platform is at the centre of the majority of the more ambitious, largescale, development projects at Enigma. The platform has been developed based on more than two decade’s experience of complex software development projects. Core enables us to create stunning websites and feature rich software in a rapid, but ultimately flexible way so that we can deliver the best and most suitable solutions for our clients without constraint.

    Built on industry standard technologies and frameworks, Core enables us to rapidly take advantage of the latest technology and best practice, whilst retaining full flexibility to extend, adapt or add bespoke developments and system integrations that ensure your project can be developed and maintained without the compromises associated with ‘off the shelf’ platforms.

    Working in this way allows us to deploy a ‘best of all worlds’ mix of robust and scalable pre-existing elements combined with custom developments to achieve the best and most effective solutions required for any particular project. This is particularly important when a there is a requirement for complex systems integration or for us to deliver something out of the ordinary to give our client a competitive advantage.

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