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  • Tradpads Leaves The Launchpad

    The latest project to lift off from the Enigma launchpad is a brand new web-to-print website for Tradepads, a leading trade supplier of promotional paper products.

    This year has been undeniably strange and challenging for businesses of all types all across the UK. The unprecedented impact of the global pandemic changed everything overnight and led to many businesses re-evaluating their offering and positioning at pace.

    In the case of Tradepads, we had already been discussing the development of a new site based on our web-to-print platform but the unexpected events of early 2020 saw the team take the chance to accelerate their plans. The Tradepads team had made the decision to invest in the long-term future of the business using our class leading platform but the pandemic gave them the opportunity to fast track the process leading to the new site launch.

    Tradepads chose to work with us because of our experience in the print industry, designing and developing websites based on a fully featured web-to-print platform. Based on a foundation of industry specific core modules we layer a package of tailored work and close support from the production team to deliver a new website and associated back office systems and integrations. This approach delivers baked in best practice while also offering extreme flexibility, for Tradepads a major focus was streamlined digital processes to enable them to pursue business growth and greater customer service.

    The new site marks a significant step change for Tradepads’ customers, not only is the UX more intuitive across the board, they can now get an accurate price for a greater range of Tradepads products quickly and easily. Product research, ordering, artwork submission and payment are all handled in fewer steps for the customer and with fewer manual touchpoints for the Tradepads team. This frees up the sales and support teams from repetitive tasks enabling them to add true value, supporting the customers and orders that really benefit from a little extra input.

    Finally, the process of managing and updating products is made easier for the Tradepads team with intuitive pricing management and the ability to create products with a complicated option set tailored to the Tradepads product mix.

    The whole team is looking forward to the business benefits of allowing their customers to self-service more orders, saving time and money from mistakes, reprints and time-consuming manual processes.

    If you have a project you’d like to talk to us about, whether it’s web-to-print or another industry with specific requirements, contact us.