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    We're always interested in meeting people who share our values.
    If you apply direct and are successful you'll receive a £500 welcome bonus.

    Apply Direct for a £500 welcome bonus...

    We recognise that applicants who take the time to research Enigma, are excited about what we do and those who apply direct to work here are therefore more likely to be successful at interview than candidates who are simply referred to us via recruitment agencies.

    What's more, experience shows that it’s these passionate direct applicants who are often the ones who go on to make the biggest impact on what we do, progress more rapidly through the business, and help maintain Enigma’s reputation as one of the UK’s leading digital agencies.

    And the more talented people we have like that working here, the happier we are…

    Therefore, to help encourage candidates to apply direct, we're offering an extra ‘welcome bonus’ of £500 for any direct applicants who join us - regardless of whether you're responding to one of our vacancies or simply dropping us your CV speculatively.


    Send your CV and let us know what excites you about Enigma and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

    How this scheme works...

    • This incentive applies to all full time, permanent roles – regardless of whether you’re responding to an advertised position or applying speculatively.

    • The incentives don’t apply to graduate placements - sorry! (but please apply anyway, we’d love to hear from you).

    • To be eligible, we mustn’t have already received your details from a recruitment agency - therefore, if you are already registered with a recruitment agent, then please send us your CV as quickly as you can because if we've already received it via the agent, then unfortunately we won't be able to pay the welcome or referral bonus.

    • If you’ve applied direct and we offer you a role, then we’ll automatically give you your £500 welcome bonus 1 month after you’ve started your career with us.

    Any questions?

    Email and we'll do our best to answer them!

    Have you got what it takes?